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Worship & Arts Ministry
To win the lost, equip the saints and empower God’s people for Kingdom building and abundant
living through the medium of music and the arts.


Media Ministry
To bring the gospel of Christ to the community on all platforms by using audio/video recordings,
that the lost and bound souls will be saved through the recorded manifested Word of God that is
preached in Truth Tabernacle, Inc.


Intercessory Prayer
To pray directly and specifically whether as a corporate body or individuals, for the church or
those needing prayer; calling and equipping people for this work in ministry.


Health & Wellness Ministry
To provide our congregation and community with health education materials and resources, and
collaborate with members regarding ongoing opportunities that focus on promoting Health and Wellness.


Drama Ministry
To publish the message of Christ through the medium of theatrical arts, serving as an innovative
conduit to reconnect man back to God.


Deacons Ministry
To give primary attention to caring for the physical well-being of the congregation, freeing the
leader to attend to the primary responsibility of teaching and leading the people in all spiritual matters.


Culinary Ministry
To facilitate all food service at the Truth Tabernacle; oversee the operation, use, cleanliness, and maintenance of the church kitchen and its equipment; provides food for all special occasions, requests from other ministries throughout the church body, for guest reception and other church supported activities.

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